EnviroTek Engine Technologies (ETET.CO) welcomes Albert Wu to its executive management team

Albert Wu, VP of Asia Operations

Albert Wu, VP of Asia Operations

Albert brings a wealth of experience to his post as the Vice President of Asia Operations. Albert was the Chief Scientist at the Hu Da Automotive New technology Research Center and CTO of ADEPT Co., Ltd. and Seikaku Technical Group. He was instrumental in overseeing the transition from OEM operation into ODM operation, and the installation of operating procedures for engineering, production, and quality assurance.

During his prestigious thirty-year career, Albert’s expertise expands across numerous complex fields. A major asset is his vast experience in the development of system control software for military aircrafts, where it will contribute to the ETET design of the vehicle control software for PHEV’s and HEV’s. Albert is also an expert in areas such as high pressure hydraulics for the aerospace industry, pressure vessel safety for the nuclear industry, computer numerical controls for the machine tool industry, guidance and navigation for the avionics industry, as well as protocol and encryption for the telecommunication industry. He was also frequently consulted on RoHS/WEEE compliance for Asian businesses, where he developed standard operating procedures on new product designs and reduction of inventory buildup (a common risk factor for Asian companies).

Albert’s proprietary designs of the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) and control unit were so extraordinary that he was awarding RMB$1 million in funding from the government of China. His design is not only more efficient and cost effective, it also results in enhanced safety due to the reduction of driver fatigue and fatality.

EnviroTek acquired the Automated Manual Transmission’s design and technology as a strategic compliment to the entire drivetrain. Envirotek will develop a proprietary drivetrain with its unique combination of battery, engine (EVT-90), motor selection, clutch, transmission, and software programs.

Albert holds masters degrees in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and computer sciences. He is a member of the aerospace engineering honor society Sigma Gamma Tau (ΣΓΤ), and an inventor and holder of numerous patents in the fields of telecommunication and automotive electronics.

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