ETET and Sinopoly Join Forces: A Collaborative Partnership Delivering PHEV Milestone

HONG KONG, November 3, 2011 – This groundbreaking collaboration is a demonstration project highlighting breakthrough technologies from EnviroTek Engine Technologies (ETET), Sinopoly (HK), Efficient Drivetrains (EDI), and HK Polytechnic University to convert highly pollutant commercial vans, and produce a line of commercially viable and affordable PHEV vehicles for Asia that are both emissions and fuel efficient. This will be the first PHEV vehicle combining technologies from the United States and Asia to be launched for the Hong Kong and China markets.

ETET’s Smart Power EVT-90 engine will again be showcased for its small size, while delivering high output, flexibility, and adaptability. In addition, ETET will demonstrate its new and proprietary Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

The above projects will be supported by the ETET R&D facility in Silicon Valley, California (USA), the EDI Facility in Dixon, California (USA), SinoPoly in Hong Kong/China, and the HK Polytechnic University. Two industry dignitaries will oversee the projects: Professor Ka-Wai Cheng and Professor Andy Frank.

Professor Ka-Wai Cheng of the HK Ploytechnic University directed numerous automotive environmental application projects – including the electric vehicle MyCar which was the first Hong Kong-developed vehicle to obtain the World Manufacturer Identification (WMI) Code. Professor Andy Frank of EDI is a significant industry dignitary credited as being the “Father” of the modern day Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle and has spent over 30 years in breakthrough vehicle development, during which he received two world records for vehicle fuel economy, designed nine generations of PHEVs, and was a four-time winner of USDOE Advanced Vehicle Design competitions. He holds over 30 patents and is an internationally recognized subject matter expert.

ETET and Sinopoly are well positioned to comply with the increasing world standards for emissions and fuel efficiency for future transportation. The combined experience and advanced technologies are natural catalysts in forming a partnership to deliver a PHEV milestone.

About ETET:
EnviroTek Engine Technologies (ETET.CO) is a subsidiary of EnviroTek International Limited (EIL), a Global company with headquarters in Hong Kong, and offices with R&D in Silicon Valley – USA. . ETET developed and owns the world’s most flexible and advanced engine technology designed for multiple applications including Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV). ETET’s series of Smart Power EVT-90 engines exceed current low emissions and high mileage requirements and provide significant cost and efficiency advantages over other engines. These clean burning V-twin engines are small and lightweight, while yielding amazing high performance, with displacement ranges from 750 to 1200 cc, and the horsepower ranges from 75hp to 200hp. Direct applications are not only in PHEVs, HEVs, and EVs, but also across most configurations for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. EnviroTek Engine Technologies is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, consumers, entrepreneurs, and government entities committed to developing clean and efficient technologies to meet the world’s energy and transportation needs.

About Sinopoly:
Sinopoly and its subsidiaries is a high-tech comprehensive group that principally engaged in the production, sales, and research and development (R&D) of “Rare Earth Lithium Ion Battery” and its application products. With an exclusive right of using a series of international patents and the Groups’ intellectual properties, we have a strong technical foundation and capabilities in producing a high capacity and high energy density lithium battery. To sustain our competitive advantage, we aim at bringing the technology to the next level by actively engaged in R&D. As our commitment to promote green recycle energy, we always adhere to increase our production capacity, enhance our product energy density and subsequently reduce Carbon Dioxide emission. Sinopoly Battery Limited (“Sinopoly”) is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 00729).

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