EnviroTek Engine Technologies Hosts Meeting with Technical and Marketing Masterminds

Hong Kong – Chaired by President David Kim in the Hong Kong office, a stellar technical and marketing team was assembled for the meeting of masterminds.

In attendance were Technical Director John Mak, Asia Operations VP Albert Wu, China Marketing Consultant Mr. James Du, Materials Development General Manager Professor Chung Hoon, and Korea Parts Division Manager Dr. Lee Chang Hoon.

The meeting focused on the latest innovative materials available on the market, with progress reports on marketing strategies in China, and in-depth review of Korea’s state-of-the-art vendors (engine parts, alloy material, surface protective coating, molding) in preparation for mass production.

Technical Director John Mak provided updates on the latest innovative approach to emission control and enhanced combustion.

About ETET:
EnviroTek Engine Technologies (ETET.CO) is a subsidiary of EnviroTek International Limited (EIL), a Global company with headquarters in Hong Kong, and offices with R&D in Silicon Valley – USA. . ETET developed and owns the world’s most flexible and advanced engine technology designed for multiple applications including Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV).

ETET’s series of Smart Power EVT-90 engines exceed current low emissions and high mileage requirements and provide significant cost and efficiency advantages over other engines. These clean burning V-twin engines are small and lightweight, while yielding amazing high performance, with displacement ranges from 750 to 1200 cc, and the horsepower ranges from 75hp to 200hp. Direct applications are not only in PHEVs, HEVs, and EVs, but also across most configurations for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles.

EnviroTek Engine Technologies is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, consumers, entrepreneurs, and government entities committed to developing clean and efficient technologies to meet the world’s energy and transportation needs.

For more information, contact Margaret Baggerly, Margaret@ETET.co


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EnviroTek is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, consumers and entrepreneurs committed to developing clean, efficient technologies to meet the world’s energy and transportation needs.

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