ETET and EDI Collaboration Will Drive the Future of Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

HONG KONG, May 8, 2012 – EnviroTek Engine Technologies (ETET), a leading developer of Internal Combustion Engines for environmentally-friendly vehicles, and Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI), a global leader in advanced high-efficiency PHEV and CVT solutions, announced a long term agreement to utilize ETET’s new world class EVT-90 1000cc engine in the EDI product line.

The new EVT-90 1000cc engine is lightweight (under 100 lbs), produces 80hp in mild tune, and is capable of producing up to 200hp in a turbo-charged version. It can achieve approximately 60 MPG in a compact car, while producing very low emissions. Performance in larger vehicles is equally impressive. When coupled with the EDI advanced hybrid technology, the EVT-90 will be capable of appreciably higher mileage, and powering a wide range of vehicles.

The narrow form factor of the EVT-90 (9.5 inches) is ideal for utilization in hybrid drivetrains that have multiple components, such as electric motors, clutches, and Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs).

Very high torque at low RPMs enables this engine to easily propel vehicles that would normally use a much larger and higher fuel-consuming 4-cylinder engine.

Andy Frank, CTO of EDI, and a leading industry authority on advanced hybrid drive systems said, “I believe that an engine with these characteristics has worldwide potential to provide the needed performance, as well as meet the inevitable, more stringent fuel and emissions requirements.”

This is a new class of engine that is recognized by major auto companies as needed to meet future fuel and emissions requirements. The EVT-90 requires less maintenance, has better low-end performance, and gets better fuel mileage than competitive products. The demand is expected to be in the millions.

“With its small size and high-efficiency, the new EVT-90 1000cc engine has the potential to be a high-volume engine for ETET and EDI,” said Ron Huch, CTO of ETET.

Testing on the new drive train is expected to begin in June at the EDI facilities in Dixon, California.

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About ETET:
EnviroTek Engine Technologies (ETET.CO) is a subsidiary of EnviroTek International Limited (EIL), a Global company with headquarters in Hong Kong, and offices with R&D in Silicon Valley – USA. . ETET developed and owns the world’s most flexible and advanced engine technology designed for multiple applications including Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV). ETET’s series of Smart Power EVT-90 engines exceed current low emissions and high mileage requirements and provide significant cost and efficiency advantages over other engines. These clean burning V-twin engines are small and lightweight, while yielding amazing high performance, with displacement ranges from 750 to 1200 cc, and the horsepower ranges from 75hp to 200hp. Direct applications are not only in PHEVs, HEVs, and EVs, but also across most configurations for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. EnviroTek Engine Technologies is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, consumers, entrepreneurs, and government entities committed to developing clean and efficient technologies to meet the world’s energy and transportation needs.

About EDI:
Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI) develops and markets a range of state-of-the-art proprietary drivetrain products and technologies that have direct application in PHEVs, HEVs, and BEVs worldwide. EDI and Professor Frank have developed leading edge hybrid electric drivetrain systems and technologies providing significant cost and efficiency advantages for parallel and series hybrid drivetrain architectures across nearly all platform classes and configurations. In addition, EDI has developed a game-changing technology for new types of continuously variable transmissions (CVT) that are the most efficient and largest capacity transmissions of their type in the industry today, including patents directed to charge depletion control, fuel consumption control, CVT technology, and turbocharger generation. Dr. Frank has been referred to as the “father of the modern plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.” EDI is currently active in automotive projects throughout North America and the APAC region.

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EnviroTek is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, consumers and entrepreneurs committed to developing clean, efficient technologies to meet the world’s energy and transportation needs.

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