Advisory Board

Professor Andy Frank, PhD
Andy is a significant industry dignitary credited as being the “Father” of the modern day Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Professor Andy Frank has spent over 30 years in breakthrough vehicle development, during which he received two world records for vehicle fuel economy, designed nine generations of PHEVs, and was a four-time winner of USDOE Advanced Vehicle Design competitions. He holds over 30 patents, has published over 100 papers, and is an internationally recognized subject matter expert. Andy is a professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Davis, where he established the Institute for Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis), and is director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Center of Hybrid Excellence at UC Davis. He was formerly with the University of Wisconsin and Rockwell International, and holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, and both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Frank is currently serving as the CTO of Efficient Drivetrains, a hybrid electric vehicle technology innovator.

Joerg Ferchau
Joerg has over 30 years of successful business and technology leadership experience in Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500’s, including GE, Tandem, Compaq, and SanDisk, where he held director-to-CEO-level roles encompassing strategy, operations, sales & marketing, and product and business development. Joerg has led numerous “world’s first” product innovations and “build from scratch” business ventures in military, computer/IT, consumer, and automotive applications. He has received multiple international product design awards, has 20 patents, and continues to provide advisory assistance to startup ventures. Ferchau is currently serving as the CEO of Efficient Drivetrains, a hybrid electric vehicle technology innovator.

Professor John Y Mak, PhD
Professor John Y. Mak is a Senior Fellow and Technical Expert Director at Fluor Corp. and leads the technology development in coal gasification, power plant designs, LNG and hydrogen fuel production, carbon capture, and emission control. His devotion and innovations drive forward the development of emission control and power plant systems that are functional, cost effective and energy efficient. Professor Mak is listed as the primary inventor in over 60 awarded patents or patent application in the green energy fields. Throughout his 35 plus year career, Professor Mak has developed and constructed over 100 large-scale chemical and energy facilities in various countries using his innovations, patents and leadership that adds significant values to his clients as well as help creating a greener planet. Multiple plants are currently under construction in China and other parts of the world. EnviroTek’s objective is to develop and commercialize an Ultra Low Emission (ULE) engine, which is currently one of the two competing technologies in the world. John, being an Advisory Board member, is responsible for reviewing and advising the advanced engine designs and development program.

Professor Hyunchul Ju, Ph.D.
Professor Ju received his Ph.D. in 2006 from the Pennsylvania State University (U.S.) and joined the faculty of Inha University (Incheon South Korea) in 2008 and is currently an assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering. Professor Ju’s research specialize in the investigation and development of a new type of energy conversion and storage technology to conserve our natural resources, have a high-energy efficiency, and be environmentally friendly. Presently, among all of the imaginable energy technologies for a sustainable future, the primary research of Professor Ju is focused on fuel cells and advanced batteries for vehicle propulsion, stationary power generation, as well as portable electronics.

Professor Eric Cheng, Technical Advisor
Professor Eric Cheng is a respected researcher in all aspects of power electronics and renewable energy technologies including – but not limited to – motor drives, EMI, electric vehicle, and energy conservation. His active research in electric vehicles and renewable energy power conditioning led his team to the electric power design for the first self-developed commercial electric vehicle MyCar in Hong Kong.  In addition, Professor Cheng developed the first charging station with the largest power company in Hong Kong, as well as the first solar air-conditioning system for vehicles in Hong Kong.  He also leads research projects in electric boat, solar power system, wind power generation, and DC distribution.

Professor Cheng obtained his BSc and PhD degrees from the University of Bath.  Prior to joining the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1997 as the professor and director of Power Electronics Research Centre, he was with Lucas Aerospace in the United Kingdom as a Principal Engineer.  A recipient of numerous awards…the Brussels Innova Energy Gold medal with Mention (2007), Consumer Product Design Award (2008), Geneva’s Invention Expo (2011)…just to name a few,  he is frequently solicited by the media on his research with over 100 interviews.  In addition, Professor Cheng is an accomplished author who has published over 250 papers and 7 books.

Mr. C. K. Lo, Technical Advisor
C.K. is a respected expert with over 20 years in the fields of trade, servicing, and modifications within the automotive industry.  In 1999, C.K. moved to Japan to further expand his mechanical expertise.

C.K.’s continual quest to enhance his knowledge took him to the Lamborghini and Ferrari factory in Italy for advance training in the latest techniques in automotive maintenance, servicing, as well as computer software operations.  He established the Kong Kei Motor Service Center for the exotic supercars, providing a platform for race car modifications and unparallel services for car race enthusiasts.   DeTeam Company Limited soon became the sponsor of the KK MOTOR Racing Team, which went on to win the 1000Km Asia Le Mans in China (Int’l GT class) and second place in Macau grand prix in 2010 (Int’l GT class).  The team’s two original racing cars – Lamborghini LP560 GT3 and AUDI R8 LMS – received worldwide recognition.   For the first time, German’s auto giant AUDI provided unprecedented technical support to a Hong Kong race team for all racing tournaments in Asia.   Kong Kei Motor will provide mechanical support and collaborate with EnviroTek in the technical modifications of the PHEV van project in Hong Kong and China.  C.K.’s technical know-how will further strengthen our engine modification capabilities.

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EnviroTek is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, consumers and entrepreneurs committed to developing clean, efficient technologies to meet the world’s energy and transportation needs.

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