Management Team

Michael Chan, CEO
Michael started in the semiconductor industry from the pre-Silicon Valley days since 1967 as a respected pioneer. A patent holder and inventor of numerous IC manufacturing processes and equipment in the semiconductor industry, Michael was in the Who’s Who of Inventors and the Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs. A noted figure at companies such as Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Fairchild Semiconductor, and AMD, Michael managed the largest group of process engineers in Silicon Valley.

Michael acted as a mentor, advisor and CEO of numerous startups throughout his career. In addition, Michael’s contributions and dedication to philanthropy are respected and recognized worldwide. By means of his extensive management background and global connections, Michael’s non-profit, Legacy Through Giving Foundation is supported by his entrepreneurial work in innovative green technologies. He serves as the Honorary Ambassador and is closely associated with the China Disabled Person’s Federation – an organization with 80 million members. Michael has received the progressive Melvin Jones Humanitarian Award from the Lions Club International on multiple occasions amongst other recognitions.

David Kim, President
David’s diverse management savvy and fluency in multiple languages are among the many talents that enable David to bridge business ventures between the East and the West. Recognized as an influential expert with his experience of over 20 years in automotive and technology industries, in addition to trading expertise with heavy machinery and commercial vehicle between Korea, China, and East Asian countries, David was appointed as the exclusive agent of Hyundai Commercial vehicles for Union of Myanmar, where he was also involved in the China manufacturing of custom quality motorcycle parts and distribution to the U.S.

An entrepreneur at heart, David has participated in numerous startups, especially in the investment, development, and marketing of nano-technology products in Asia, USA, and Europe. Most recently, he was involved with several mega projects in China, including a $1.2 billion clean- coal gasification technology plant. Other projects include a green brick manufacturing technology to China with mass production schedule slated for 2011.

Always wanting to improve the environment, David has worked with leading environmental technologies include sewage sludgy treatment systems, wind turbine technology, photovoltaic and solar heat energy for residential user friendly applications.

Ron Huch, CTO
Ron has a long and successful history in the Silicon Valley. He successfully lead numerous companies, both public and private, and in high tech as well as in the green transportation sector. Ron has extensive knowledge and expertise in orchestrating fast growth opportunity and in executing plans that led early stage companies to become market leaders. Ron has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the EVT-90 engine, its features and benefits, and the huge application to the auto industry. Ron will lead his technical team to provide the world with the most efficient, environmental friendly and cost effective engine and drive train. His experience and reputation has attracted numerous noted experts who are eager to join the company. One of Ron’s goals is to develop the EVT-90 to be the world’s top certified Ultra Low Emission (ULE) engine.

Vicky Wong, CFO
Vicky was born in Hong Kong and educated in Canada. A top earner in the financial planning and insurance industries for over 10 years, Vicky was a respected expert with consecutive awards of MDRT, as well as COT industry recognitions. She joined her spouse in several environmental startups in Hong Kong and China, where her extensive financial experience was instrumental in orchestrating the growth and control of the companies.

Albert Wu, Vice President of Asia Operations
Albert has been the Chief Scientist of Hu Da Automotive New technology Research Center and CTO of ADEPT Co., Ltd. and Seikaku Technical Group. In addition to being in charge of the development of automated mechanical transmission and control unit, as well as Automotive Digital Electronic Platform Technology, Albert also oversees the transition from OEM operation into ODM operation, and the installation of operating procedures for engineering, production, and quality assurance.

During his prestigious thirty-year career, Albert’s expertise expand across numerous complex fields such as high pressure hydraulics for the aerospace industry, pressure vessel safety for the nuclear industry, computer numerical controls for the machine tool industry, guidance and navigation for the avionics industry, as well as protocol and encryption for the telecommunication industry.

Albert was frequently consulted on RoHS/WEEE compliance for Asian businesses, where he developed standard operating procedures on new product designs and reduction of inventory buildup (a common risk factor for Asian companies).

Albert holds masters degrees in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and computer science, a member of the aerospace engineering honor society Sigma Gamma Tau (ΣΓΤ), and an inventor and holder of numerous patents in the fields of telecommunication and automotive electronics.

Dr. Tony Cheng, Director of Business Development
Dr. Cheng brings a wide spectrum of expertise in corporate finance, investment, engineering, environmental, and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to joining ETET, Dr. Cheng was the founder and Managing Director of BMI Appraisals Limited, and served as an investment advisor of the Dragonrider Opportunity Fund whose consumers and resources are within the elite industrials sectors in emerging East Asia markets. Respected as a valuable advisor, Dr. Cheng has served as a Council member on the Board of Education in the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, and was recently elected as the Chairman of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in China.

Hoon Chung, PhD, General Manager of Material Sciences, Korea
Dr. Hoon Chung is well respected in the nano science industry with over 20 years in R&D in one of the top four conglomerates in Korea. He has developed a number of environmentally friendly chemicals and is the holder of over 15 international patents in the nano chemical sector. Many of Dr. Chung’s developments are for non-toxic measures with patents in the nano particle dispersion technology with cross sector applications from home to commercial uses. Dr. Chung is the president of his company which has earned a government rating as an Innovation Corporation: “INNOBIZ”.

Dr. Chung is an active figure in government-led projects, which has resulted in membership appointments in prestigious organizations such as:

  • Technology Assessment Committee Member of Ministry of Environment
  • Member of Korea Nano Technology Committee
  • Appointed Technical Partnership corporation to KITECH (KOrea Institute of Industrial Technology)
  • Technology Assessment Committee Member of Korea SMBA (Small & Medium Business Administration)
  • Director of Korea Photocatalyst Association
  • Member of KCEA (Korea Construction Engineer Association)
  • Member of KDPA (Korea Disaster Prevention Association)
  • Technology Partnership Enterprise of Inha University
  • Technology Partnership of Sung Kyun Kwan University

Margaret Baggerly, VP of Sales & Marketing
Margaret studied Business Administration and Marketing at San Francisco State University. During her corporate management career in sales and project management, Margaret has received numerous top national awards from each company for both personal performance as well as team achievements. A seasoned business entrepreneur, Margaret has been the CEO of several business ventures, including international trade, a winery, and business consulting on growth and branding strategies. An active member in numerous environmental, community, and business organizations, she has served as a board member of numerous organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Soroptomist, and the US Green Building Council.

George Chan, Director of Internet Strategy
George Chan is an award-winning new media producer and marketing strategist. His social marketing campaigns blend communication strategies with proven web technologies to raise public awareness and engagement around environmental issues. His portfolio includes clients like Flex Your Power, TreePeople, Honda, U.S. Green Building Council, Georgia Urban Forestry Council, Goldman Environmental Prize and the Earth Island Institute.

Steve Vergano, Application Manager
Steve has extensive experience in the automotive and motorcycle industries, as well as extensive knowledge of the V-twin family of engines. Steve is an instrumental figure in the development of the Engine Management as well as the Fuel Delivery systems.

Robert Cancilla, Engine Development Manager
Robert has extensive expertise on reliability, performance, and fuel efficiency for high performance engines. He built numerous NASCAR engines and developed an exemplary reputation for reliable engines that consistently outperformed the competition. These engines were built in conjunction with top teams such as Yates, Earnhardt, Petty, Roush, Penske, Elliot and Childress, just to name a few. Robert’s knowledge of engine modifications and improvements are high value assets that will be applied to the EnviroTek engines resulting in maximum refinement of an already sophisticated design.

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EnviroTek is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, consumers and entrepreneurs committed to developing clean, efficient technologies to meet the world’s energy and transportation needs.

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