Aftermarket Engines

EnviroTek EVT-90 Engines are highly fuel-efficient 750cc – 1.2 liter engines designed to meet the world’s increasing need for small, lightweight, low emission, powerful and flex-fuel powertrains.

The mission is to focus on personal, commercial and industrial transportation sectors delivering the highest quality and most reliable engines and engine systems to domestic and global markets that now require very low-emission and highly fuel-efficient engines.

The company’s commitment to continuous improvement of the EnviroTek family of engines will include all fuels (biofuels, diesel, natural gas, etc.) designs and applications with superior power to weight ratios, best fuel efficiency, small package footprint and low emissions output unmatched in the 750cc and 1.2 liter automotive engine class.

Aftermarket Forecast

Market Size and Divisions

Strategic early target markets include sales directly to international aftermarket distributors, high performance engine dealers, sales to domestic automakers and engine manufacturers. Subsequent market sales will target companies producing utility, transportation and recreational vehicles. Other non-transportation powertrain applications that require small, high fuel efficiency and low emissions power plants and electric generators truck refer units, APU and Airport ground, military small off-road equipment, etc.). Motorcycles and other basic forms of vehicles represent large market segments globally.


  • Specialty Cars, Off-Road Cars & Dune Buggies
  • Motorcycles and 3-Wheel Vehicles
  • Heavy Vehicles: Buses, Motor Homes, Coaches, Vans
  • Range Extender Package for Automobiles
  • Equipment and Power Generation
  • Marine and Military UGV and UAV Aircraft

Who We Are

EnviroTek is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, consumers and entrepreneurs committed to developing clean, efficient technologies to meet the world’s energy and transportation needs.

Contact Us

  • US: +1-415-484-3231
  • Hong Kong: +852-2323-6060

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