OEM Engines

EnviroTek delivers reliable Hybrid PHEV drive systems for use in commercial, industrial and personal transportation applications requiring the most advanced ultra-low-emissions and world class fuel efficiency drive technology available.

The company provides hybrid assist and PHEV drive products that are designed and developed as highly-modular systems with flexible architecture and minimal parasitic energy loss verses the typical internal combustion drive and second generation hybrid drive vehicles available today.

EnviroTek Drive products are developed with the purpose of driving parasitic loses of “additional un-useful energy consumption” as low as possible while delivering safe and sufficient power with ultra- low-emission performance and maximum energy efficiency. Typical cars and trucks powered by convention internal combustion engines are currently 20% to 35% efficient in the transfer of fuel to power to the wheels. EnviroTek’s motor compounding is 92% efficient in electric modes with less than 10% loss under typical driving conditions

Market Forecast

U.S.—Global Small Car and Truck Fast Growth

Overall global small passenger car market registered 24.86% growth in 2008. During this time Sales of micro and mini compact cars jumped by 31.2% while the mid- size car segment grew slower at 14.7%. However, it does not mean that people are going for the cars at the lower end market. The Maruti Swift, Hundai Santro positioned in the higher segments have created great success story. The total global small car and truck market will reach 525 million vehicles by 2018. The number is computed by the total number of micro, mini and compact vehicles sold and on the road by 2018. EnviroTek sales forecast is based on capturing >.00001% of the total small car and truck market in by 2013.

Equipment and Power Generation

Equipment such as compressors and pumps will grow 12% annually because of demand created from an increase of natural disasters and the growth of communities in 3rd World countries. Power generation will grow by 600% by 2014.

Who We Are

EnviroTek is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, consumers and entrepreneurs committed to developing clean, efficient technologies to meet the world’s energy and transportation needs.

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  • info@etet.co

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