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EnviroTek EVT-90 Family of 750cc—1.2liter Power Generators

Over the next 2 years the American auto industry will be downsizing many vehicle offerings.

The EnviroTek EVT-90 1,200cc, DOHC, Hybrid assist petrol engine generates peak power of 125hp at 6,500 rpm with simultaneous assistance being offered by the 20 kW electric motor. The EVT-90 Hybrid assist power plant can be installed in larger vehicles delivering a continuous band of power. The EVT- 90 Hybrid assist can deactivate the petrol engine and operate using only the electric motor in certain steady- state cruising situations. In addition, the petrol engine, in idle stop mode is switched off when the vehicle comes to a stop. These factors contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions, particularly in city traffic.

As a power generator, the EVT-90 Hybrid assist can become a power source for applications where static power generation is needed simply by packaging the system and changing the control software. Using the EVT-90 Hybrid assist as a static or onboard power generator delivers the best fuel economy and low emissions while providing a continuous power source of up to 40kW @ 2,000 rpms.

Market Forecast

Hybrid Assist and Power Generation

The flexibility of Hybrid assist power generation provides for multiple rolls to be played through a single design for several vehicle and static applications. New and current markets for an array of power pant options that reduce the global demand for oil and lowers GHG emissions is what Hybrid assist is all about.

Unlike other small displacement engine packages and/or electric drives, the Hybrid assist systems offers unvarying performance from a small lightweight system that can be considered and adapted for many vehicle and static applications. The Hybrid assist system opens a broad band of markets that in the past have been filled by several engines with a variety of displacement and performance.

The American auto industry and the American car and light truck consumers are both committed to the retention of larger size safe vehicles while reducing the dependence on oil. The Hybrid assist power plant allows for the integration of the system into current model larger size vehicles as a direct replacement with out losing the comfort and safety.

EnviroTek estimates that more than 1,152 models will need new more fuel efficient powertrains by 2016 creating a 1.3 billion market, resulting in a demand for Hybrid assist drives of more than 1,850,000 units per-year in the U.S.


  • Hybrid Cars: Compact Mid Size Full Size
  • Trucks: Compact 1/2 Ton Pickup Vans & SUVs
  • Heavy Vehicles: Buses, Motor Homes, Coaches, Vans
  • Range Extender Package for Automobiles
  • Equipment and Power Generation
  • Military UGV and UAV Aircraft

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